DEWAG is in the business of Design, Manufacture, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Microprocessor, Microcontroller and PLC Based Embedded Systems and Software for Process Automation and Monitoring needs. We operate in the following areas:

DEWAG is dedicated to provide the highest quality products & services for process measurement, analysis and automation. Our dedication to quality starts at the research phase, where the tried and true methods that result from decades of instrumentation technology are combined with the latest breakthroughs in computer science to create high performance solutions at the lowest possible price. We think it is important to look at our products and service from the customer perspective. Feedback from our customers on their current and future requirements is integral to our products planning and development. In fact, every product that we have manufactured is directly influenced by our customers. So, let us develop a long lasting relationship!

Embedded Systems Consulting

DEWAG offers end-to-end embedded system design and consulting services to suit a variety of applications across multiple industry verticals. Our expertise ranges from hardware design, PCB development, to software development, testing, installation and commissioning. We have succesfully delivered systems based across the following microcontroller variants:

  • LPC1768 ARM Cortex M3
  • Atmel AVR
  • ADuC831
  • 89C61X2
  • 89V51RD2
  • 89C55
  • 8051
  • 89C668
  • Rabbit 2000/3000
  • Z180, Z80
  • 8085
  • 80x86
  • Motorola 6805
  • 6502
  • Intel peripherals
  • 825X
  • Zilog peripherals

Hardware Development

DEWAG provides ground-up hardware development services for clients requiring customized embedded solutions. This includes requirement analysis, circuit design, board and PCB layout and fabrication. Developed hardware is then rigorously tested and certified in accordance with industry standards.

Software Development

DEWAG builds custom embedded software solutions for developed hardware and provides embedded software consultation and development per client requirement.

  • Microprocessor Controlled Process Automation Systems
  • Conductivity Level Instruments
  • Capacitance Level Instruments
  • Speed Instruments
  • Timers/ Counters
  • Photoelectric Switch
  • Photoelectric Instruments
  • DC Drives
  • Electronic Control Relays
  • Alarm Annuciator
  • Electrical/ Electronic Control Panels
  • Water Pollution Monitor
  • Motor Overload Alarm System

DEWAG is the premier embedded solutions provider in the India / Asia-Pacific region. Allow us to build your custom solution in the embedded space.