Battery Discharge Indicator

Dewag’s Battery Discharge Indicator (BDI) monitors the health of a battery and alerts the end-user when health drops below a certain threshold. It provides a visual indication of battery health using 3 colored LED's and also comes with a relay contact output for tripping load when the battery is discharged.

Oil Content Meter

DEWAG's Oil Content Meter (OCM) is used for monitoring oil content in Oily Water Separator (OWS) systems. OCM will not allow oil concentration of the exiting water to be above the Marpol standard of 15 ppm. The OCM sounds an alarm if the liquid leaving the system has an unsatisfactory amount of oil in the mixture.

Embedded Control Systems

This product is a digital interface unit for SCR Phase Controller systems, allowing the user to set system parameters like Maximum Output Voltage, Maximum Output Current & Soft Start Delay time, setting calibration constants of ADC and DAC and displaying user-defined values of output voltage, limit current and current software code.

Control Relays

DEWAG's Earth Leakage Relays are designed to monitor leakage current to earth from either terminals of a battery. It operates directly from the battery being monitored and provides visual indication of the leakage condition by red LED. It also provides relay contact output when earth leakage current exceeds the set value, which can be used for any external application.

Level Controller

DEWAG's RS-02 Series Conductivity Level Controller provides multiple point level detection, utilizing the electrical current conducting property of the medium whose level isto be detected. This current is sensed and an electronic circuit actuates an electro magnetic relay, which can be used to controls the external devices.

SCR Phase Controller

DEWAG make 3-Phase SCR Controller is designed to control phase angle of SCRs in 3 phase half controlled SCR-Diode bridge configuration. It is ideal for use in Battery Charger, Power Supply etc. applications.

Neutron Monitor

DEWAG's Neutron Monitor (NM) is designed to monitor neutron flux in a closed area. Ionization charge from the detector is converted to a voltage pulse signal which can be used to detect the count rate of neutrons in the area. Neutron rate can be monitored remotely via an RS-485 interface based embedded web-server.