Battery Discharge Indicator Series: BDI-01 Model: 01


DEWAG make Battery Discharge Indicator is designed to monitor the health of a battery by monitoring its terminal voltage under loaded condition. It operates directly from the battery being monitored and provides visual indication of the battery status by 3 colored LEDs. The unit can be configured to operate for 24V or 30V or 36V batteries, by simply installing shorting link at the back, thereby reducing the inventory cost of using different units for different voltages. It is ideal for use in material handling vehicles such as pallet trucks, walkies, stackers and order pickers as well as other battery operated gadgets.


  • Tri colored (Green, Yellow & Red) LEDs to display state of charge with unique symbols
  • The top Red LED illuminates only when the battery charge drops below 80%
  • The bottom Green LED illuminates when the battery is fully charged
  • Easy to install
  • One unit for 24/30/36V batteries
  • Battery voltage selection by shorting link
  • Minimum inventory of units


  • Front Bezel: 77mm dia X 60mm depth behind the panel
  • Panel Cutout: 70mm dia
  • Mounting: By clamp at the back of the panel

Technical Specifications

  • Supply Voltage:- 24V / 30V / 36V DC battery
  • Shorting Link to select Supply Voltage
  • Red LED: Battery Charge below 80%
  • Amber LED: Battery Charge below 90%
  • Green LED: Battery Charge 100%

Ordering Information

  • Series: BDI-01 Model: 01