Embedded Control Systems - Digital Interface Units
Series:MCSPC-01 Model:01


This unit provides a digital interface for SCR Phase Controller systems. It is housed in a flush mounting type of enclosure having a standard DIN size cutout and is normally installed on a front panel of a power control equipment such as battery charger, power supply etc. It allows the user to perform following operations:

  • Set system parameters such as Maximum Output Voltage, Maximum Output Current & Soft Start Delay time (Password protected)
  • Set calibration constants of ADC and DAC (Password protected)
  • Set user values like Auto mode output voltage and limit current
  • Display set user values of output voltage and limit current
  • Display monitored values of output voltage and current
  • Display software code


  • 20X4 LCD Display unit for system parameter viewing
  • 3X4 numeric keypad for setting system parameters
  • Auto/Manual operation mode selection
  • Manual setting potentiometer
  • D25 plug in connector for easy connection with control unit
  • Display shows Set and Monitored values
  • Common interface for 1/3/6 pulse convertor configurations


  • Front Bezel: 200mm X 150mm X 70mm in front of the panel
  • Panel Cutout: 186mm X 88mm
  • Mounting: By clamp at the back of the panel

Technical Specifications

  • Supply Voltage:- +15V DC

Ordering Information

  • Series: MCSPC-01 Model: 01