Earth Leakage Relay Series: ELR-01 Model: 03


DEWAG make Earth Leakage Relay is designed to monitor leakage current to earth from either terminals of a battery. It operates directly from the battery being monitored and provides visual indication of the leakage condition by red LED. It also provides relay contact output when the earth leakage current exceeds the set value, that can be used for any external application.


  • Adustable leakge current alarm setting by potentiometer
  • The Red LED illuminates when the leakage current exceeds set value
  • 2 sets of potential free changeover contacts of relay for external application
  • Easy to install
  • Compact size


  • Enclosure: 90mm width X 120mm length X 135mm height. panel/wall mounting
  • Mounting plate details: 76mm X 82mm, (5mm X 12mm) slots

Technical Specifications

  • Battery Voltage:- 24V / 30V / 36V / 48V / 110V / 220V DC battery
  • Leakage Set potentiometer:- This sets the leakage current value above which the relay should operate. (Typical Range: 1 to 7mA)
  • Red LED: To indicate earth leakage relay status
  • Relay Contacts: 2 changeover potential free , Rated 5Amp. @ 230V AC

Ordering Information

  • Series: ELR-01 Model: 03
  • Battery Voltage