Oil Content Meter Series OCM-01 Model: 01


DEWAG make Oil Content Meter (OCM) is an integral part of all oily water separator (OWS) systems. The OCM continuously monitors how much oil is in the water that is pumped out the discharge line of the OWS system. The OCM will not allow the oil concentration of the exiting water to be above the Marpol standard of 15 ppm. The oil content meter will sound an alarm if the liquid leaving the system has an unsatisfactory amount of oil in the mixture. If it is still above that standard, then the bilge water will be reentered into the system until it meets the required criteria. The OCM uses light beams to determine how oily the water in the system is.


  • 450(H) X 350(W) X 325(D) mm
  • Enclosure - Wall mounting type
  • Electrical connections - On base plate

Technical Specifications

  • Range: 0 – 30 ppm
  • Accuracy - Within IMCO limits
  • Alarm Indication 1 - Instant LED: Settable (0 to 99ppm), Factory set to 15 ppm
  • Alarm Relay 1 & Indication 2 - Delayed LED & Relay: Delay time settable (0 to 99 secs.), factory set to 15 secs.
  • Alarm Relay 2 - Buzzer relay: Energises with Relay 1 and de-energises when Acknowledge push button is pressed
  • Alarm Relay 1 contacts - Changeover 1: For Overboard(O/B) and Recirculation(R/C) valve operations, rated 5Amps. @ 230V AC - Changeover 2: For O/B and R/C valve status indications, potential free
  • Alarm Relay 2 contacts - Changeover 1: For external buzzer operation, reated 5Amps. @ 230V AC
  • Concentration readout - By 7-segment Red LED display on front panel
  • Light source - Low power IR LED
  • Supply - 230V AC, 1Ph., 50Hz, 20VA

Ordering Information

  • Series OCM-01 Model: 01